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Wellvation is a central force behind intelligent technology and the sciences of health improvement and behavior change. Using a collaborative design process, population insights, and Mayo Clinic content, Wellvation works with corporations and health systems to automate personalized wellbeing strategies into every day, routine business.

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Collaborative Design To Execute Big Visions

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AI Platform To Automate Programming

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Accelerate Your Workforce Culture of Health

Measurable and strategic, Wellvation delivers highly personalized experiences that drive engagement and create cultures of health that transcend wellbeing impacts to business bottom lines. Wellvation’s programming is scalable for every workforce size, location, and range of employee populations.

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ManageWell Wellbeing Platform

Complex Tasks Made Simple

Developed by Wellvation, the ManageWell™ platform drives AI technology that continuously adapts wellbeing programing to increase personalization, automate execution, and accelerate impacts.

On-demand analytics informs coordinators on exactly what is working and where to make bigger engagement impacts. Workflow automations simplify administration while optimizing user experiences.

Workflow Automations That Simplify Wellbeing Administration

Personalize Each and Every Participant Experience

Close the Gap Between Planning, Execution, and Results

Never Again Ask If Your Wellbeing Program Is Working

“Having the right goals is important, but those goals aren’t going to do you any good without a plan in place to achieve them.”

Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

“Wellvation meets the needs of consumers by providing them with trusted health information by Mayo Clinic and engagement with wellness tools and resources, utilizing a systematic approach that leads to sustainable improvements in their health.”

Sandhya Pruthi, M.D.
Associate Medical Director,
Content Management and Delivery, Mayo Clinic

“Personalization is extremely important because everyone has different goals and challenges.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Personalizing your plan so that it’s truly yours makes it much more likely that you’ll be successful.” 

Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living