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Administration Portal

Complex Tasks.  Simple Execution.

Wellvation collaboratively designs ManageWell’s Management Portal to simplify the complexities that come with delivering personalized wellness programming to globally-based participants.

Workflow and analytics are intelligently automated to:

  •   Incorporate organizational brand elements that communicate a shared culture of health
  •   Integrate outside data sources, micro-segment populations, and process incentives
  •   Analyze and report program impacts and opportunities
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Visualize Your Programming.

ManageWell’s robust Administration Dashboard visualizes program tasks, reporting, and key performance indicators. It is an intelligent platform that allows coordinators to build the operational frameworks for a shared culture of health.

Key tactical planning functions are

  •   Segment total population to better understand the organization’s biggest health risks, contributing lifestyle factors, current awareness levels, and readiness to change
  •   Create population-specific programs with targeted goals and objectives to make programming more relevant and impactful
  •   Automate tasks and data collection to simplify execution, optimize investment value, and clearly communicate progress toward the bigger organizational vision


Capture Hearts and Minds as Well as Participation.

ManageWell’s automated communication functionalities with text, email & push notifications drive change management strategies to develop a shared culture of health. Templates and triggers support the distribution of relevant and timely thought content.

Key communication functions:

  •   Integration of your organization’s corporate and wellbeing brand identity
  •   Key narrative templates to better match organization and programming goals to population motivations and health information needs
  •   Segment participants for precision messaging and increased transparency on programming opportunities, expectations, motivations, and support
  •   Direct access to pre-configured employee communications that can be personalized by each customer and delivered via the ManageWell platform. The library of pre-written email communication drafts can be customized to include messaging relevant to targeted segments of their employee population
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Insurance Claims & Data Insight


Leverage Your Insurance Claims Data by Importing it into ManageWell.

ManageWell maximizes external data source collection while eliminating paper management complexities and errors. ManageWell claims data integration performs scalable analytics across a portfolio of large and complex real-world data sets, which creates valuable business intelligence information for employers.

The operational data helps prioritize outreach efforts where intervention would be effective and potentially prevent episodes of care for high-risk participants.

ManageWell utilizes insurance claims data to:

  •   Validate participation in preventive care screenings and close gaps in care
  •   Identify participants with unmanaged chronic illnesses and emerging risks
  •   Develop health care utilization insights to focus participants towards lifestyle change


Personalize and Simplify Your Incentive Strategies.

ManageWell automates incentive strategies no matter the program complexity or participant variability.

The Incentive Manager offers the industry’s most flexible technology when it comes to encouraging and reinforcing the development of new habits in disparate populations.

With ManageWell, coordinators can:

  •   Determine eligibility, track progress, and fulfill incentives based on any metric or combination of metrics such as activity participation, biometric screening, or health improvement
  •   Manage either a one-time incentive goal or implement a series of incremental incentives to encourage long-term engagement and permanent change
  •   Extend incentive opportunities to partners and family
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Data & Advanced Analytics


Optimize Your Programming with Artificial Intelligence Technology.

ManageWell’s powerful analytics drives artificial intelligence technology that continuously adapts wellbeing programing to increase personalization, automate execution, and accelerate impacts. With real-time analytics, ManageWell incorporates opportunity insights into measurement and evaluation to optimize programming.

Key analytic functions inform on

  •   The biggest organizational health risks and lifestyle contributing factors
  •   Participants’ ability to choose the right programs to meet their stated goals
  •   Leadership’s ability to create an environment and culture that discourages unhealthy habits and supports behavior change to make healthy choices
  •   HR policies that encourage wellness participation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Making smart decisions takes deeper understanding. ManageWell data capabilities can accelerate your organization’s path to effective wellbeing business decisions.

  •   Systems improvements and organizational changes that streamline wellbeing adoption, data generation/exchange, and reporting
  •   Meaningful measures of the wellbeing experience
  •   Address disparities and promote wellbeing equity across populations with equality, diversity, and inclusion
  •   Evolution of organizational wellbeing over time


Real-Time, On-Demand Reporting Communicates Your Value Proposition.

ManageWell keeps organizational resources in lines with wellbeing programming goals through robust reporting that visualizes program impacts, opportunities, and value proposition. As participant’s health status and care usage improves overtime, organizations can report on business impact goals such as:

  •   Program Measures and changes in health risks
  •   Precision wellbeing participation and targets
  •   Organizational culture data and employee satisfaction