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Biometric Data Warehouse

Build seamless, secure data pipelines

Data is essential to give organizations’ the big picture of what is impacting your employee’s health.   ManageWell’s Biometric  Data Warehouse is a highly-secured repository that stores biometric and multi-sourced data over time and orders it into viable, accessible and actionable reports.

  •   Maintain ownership of your data
  •   Increase data accuracy, ensure data integrity and security
  •   Accelerate new program opportunities
  •   Track trends, health status, and engagement over the life of your wellness program
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Data Management Features

ManageWell streamlines and optimizes process tasks of managing big data with sophisticated data handling solutions.

  •   Batch-load importing and exporting of multiple and/or prior years of data
  •   Automated data verification process controls
  •   Registration, completion, participation reports for events, campaigns
  •   Segmentation and subgroup results by service level, location, user type free icons
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Data Mining/Data Modeling Features


ManageWell’s warehouse of data collected from members’ biometrics, HRA, Claims, wearable devices, as well as other sources, is crucial to inform and influence population health management decisions.

  •   Provides an opportunity to expand data analysis and predictive modeling
  •   Advanced data-mining techniques to improve decision making and to provide insights that accelerate impact
  •   On-demand reports to visualize and analyze complex data

Unparalleled Data Security

ManageWell’s data warehouse capabilities help eliminate the legal and security challenges for organizations to internally house private employee health information.

  •   Privacy and confidentiality are important to employees. It is paramount to Wellvation. It is crucial to Wellvation we get employee privacy and confidentiality right and that we uphold these high business values
  •   Dynamically control access and data protection with file permissions and user rights attributes so only those that need access, have access
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