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Personalize Each and Every Participant Experience.

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ManageWell’s Personal Health Management Portal capitalizes on decades of scientific knowledge and resources.

The cognitive-learning, problem-solving approach continuously adapts participant’s programming using multiple data streams including health insights, wearables, and insurance claims data. Participants’ programming meets them where they and progress at their pace.

Within the portal, participants:

  •    Set goals and track progress
  •    Build new skills and understandings with Mayo Clinic developed content & tools
  •    Socially connect to colleagues, earn incentives, and give feedback
  •    Build expertise and accelerate the pace of transformation


Health Assessment

Know Risks. Catalyze Change.

ManageWell’s integrated health assessment uses a scientifically validated question set and scoring algorithm developed by Mayo Clinic that is rooted in evidence-based guidelines, decades of expertise and leading medical research.

Our health assessment goes beyond physical, emotional, and social health risks, but also assess health perceptions and motivations to understand a participant’s readiness to change.

The assessment incorporates:

  •   Opportunities to discover how lifestyle choices impact health status and care costs
  •   Call-to-action to prompt the participant to make a commitment to work on areas that are important to them
  •   Identify personal and organizational strengths and needs for improvement
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“70% of what drives overall health and care costs are lifestyle choices that we can control.”

Risk Stratification

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Know Your Population’s Biggest Risks So Your Program Can Make the Biggest Impacts.

To understand the health of an organization’s workforce, Wellvation integrates Mayo Clinic’s proprietary risk stratification algorithm into ManageWell.

The model has evolved from decades-long, multidisciplinary collaboration among Mayo Clinic’s medical and behavioral experts to calculate not just the type of health risks but the individual’s degree of confidence and importance to change, self-efficacy, their perceptions and motivations.

With ManageWell’s Risk Stratification, organizations have:

  •   Contextual insights on environmental and lifestyle commonalities
  •   The ability to segment populations and discover gaps in care
  •   Information to better target personalized interventions

 “The ability to identify, segment, and manage targeted populations is critical for organizations investing in behavior change.”

MyHealth: Action Plan

Meet Participants Where They Are Most Ready To Change.

In just minutes, My Health uses ManageWell’s health assessment and Mayo Clinic insights to prioritize individual preferences, motivations, goals, and risks to curate a series of lifestyle actions that improve health. Relevant health information, challenges, games, and incentives are visualized in step-by-step actions and progress tracking to continuously match programing to motivations and deepen understandings.

By developing intrinsic motivations, Wellvation incorporates cognitive learning to help participants gain:

  •   The skills and confidence to take ownership of their health
  •   Personal accountability to achieve set goals
  •   The ability to create a permanent lifestyle change

MyHealth is the science and art of decades of population health improvement personalized for each and every participant.

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Personalized Health Resources

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ManageWell uses Mayo Clinic content to provide a personalized health experience.

To ensure that participants have the best information to inform their health choices, ManageWell delivers relevant content and resources from Mayo Clinic at critical moments in their wellness journey.

Mayo Clinic health resources are:

  •   Originally-authored, peer-reviewed
  •   Researched and evidenced-based
  •   Trusted and reliable

“80% of people look online for health information.”

Pew Internet Project

Challenges & Events

Deepen Learning with Dynamic Programming.

ManageWell includes a full suite of fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress and resiliency programming covering a wide spectrum of health improvement. Team or individual events that are fun and engaging and customizable to your employee population needs.

Participants master the skills in a learned behavior process. As participants move along their action plans, ManageWell’s intelligent programming:

  •   Directs relevant programs to participants’ portals
  •   Utilizes reinforcement, teamwork, and social opportunities to help participants focus behavior towards achieving goals
  •   Alerts and reminders to trigger actions and provide peer support
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Wearable Integration

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Provide More Data with Less Effort.

Build consistent and constant motivation. ManageWell syncs wearable data to personal health portals, wellness team leaderboards, and health coaches to give participants more control.

With real-time, reliable data, participants have accurate information to:

  •   Make better health care decisions with their doctor
  •   Hold themselves accountable to their own set goals
  •   Celebrate milestones and successes

“It’s not enough to give people the tools to monitor their health. They also need ways to make sense of that data so they can act on it.”

Social Connectivity

Enhance Workplace Engagement and Productivity

By helping participants connect with each other, ManageWell’s social connectivity features provide peer support, accountability, and a shared culture of health.

Wellvation strategically uses interventions to purposefully spread healthy behaviors by:

  •   Encouraging open, transparent dialogues
  •   Distributing invitations to join teams and events
  •   Sparking ideas with credible tips and advice
Social Connectivity

Feedback, Surveys & Quizzes

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Get Insight into the Hearts, Minds and Opinions Unique to Your Organization.

ManageWell taps into participant experiences and generates insights with surveys and assessments that are built into routine programming.

Gain insights on the organizational environment, communication, programming, and culture to:

  •   Build stronger programs
  •   Broaden engagement
  •   Remove barriers