Mayo Clinic Expertise

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Health Information You Can Trust

ManageWell’s Health Assessment uses Mayo Clinic’s extensively-researched question-set and proprietary risk stratification model to identify participant health risks, perceptions, and readiness-to-change.

  •   Analytics intelligently drives highly-relevant Mayo Clinic content to intrinsically motivate behavior change
  •   Mayo Clinic’s exercise videos, recipes, tips, and strategies are presented throughout challenges and programs to build skills
It’s decades of the world’s most trusted science leveraged to create personalized, human-centered wellbeing experience

Collaborative Design

Imagine Your Possibilities

Instead of off-the-shelf wellness programming that delivers ridged, pre-designed solutions, Wellvation dynamically programs ManageWell, to implement your vision.

Using collaborative process and adaptive design, ManageWell is programed to automate workflows specific to organizational goals.

As data is collected, ManageWell’s analytics refines programming to continuously improve user experiences and deliver cost-effective, results-based programming.

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Case Study #1

Insurance Claims Data Integrations Drive Preventative Care

Case Study #2

Gaps in Care: Diabetes Prevention Program

Case Study #3

Improving the EVP in a Multi-Segmented Organization

“Wellvation doesn’t have one prescriptive formula for organizations to follow. Instead, we listen to your biggest challenges and boldest visions. Then we build delivery solutions.”

Dan Proulx • Wellvation


Not Participation. Ownership.

True wellbeing engagement is when participants have skills to actively manage their health on their own.

To get there, Wellvation personalizes each experience with a series of meaningful micro moments that develop understanding, skills, and confidence. It is a journey that builds whole-self health improvements.

By developing intrinsic motivations, Wellvation cultivates an innate sense of ownership that leaves no one behind.


Personalization Sustains Engagement

Personalization links action to intrinsic motivations accelerating participants’ ability to take ownership of their wellbeing.

By creating user-first experiences that are easy, accessible, and secure, Wellvation connects new understandings to personal experiences and uses data insights to create meaning. It uses the scientific cognitive learning method for faster activation and sustained change.

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Culture of Health

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Great Workplace Cultures Make Health Routine Business

Wellvation embeds wellbeing communication and processes into routine business to build collaborative, trusting environments that support healthy lifestyles.

By creating workplace environments that have shared responsibilities, encourage healthy choices, and adaptive programming, Wellvation transcends wellbeing impacts into business objectives.

5 Tenants of Great Wellbeing Programming

There is a science behind engaging wellbeing programs that move the needle. With business and employee health on the line, Wellvation accelerates engagement and health improvements while building cultures of health.



Cultivate capable leaders who coach



Connect to individual and personal experiences


Nuance perceptions from facts


Adapt to changing needs and goals


Create a shared responsibility and ownership


Answer Your Biggest Questions

How do we know if what we are doing is what we intended to do? How do we know if what we did worked?

Wellvation’s AI platform ManageWell gives you insight and deeper understanding of what worked and what did not. Real-time. On-demand. Not a year later. The unique combination of simplicity and power gives organizations the ability to get real, on-demand answers and to explore their wellbeing data in depth.

  •   ManageWell provides multidimensional insight. Did the people at risk for inactivity, or weight, the people you were targeting the challenge to actually participate? Did they finish? Learn new behaviors? Enjoy the experience? Why or why not?
  •   ManageWell creates organizational knowledge from data. Our clients are making smart decisions from deeper understanding of their data to accelerate effective wellbeing.
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Focus On Your Vision

Gain Health Insights To Inform Strategies

  •   Mine real-world data and turn information into action, innovation and improvement
  •   Set realistic expectations and benchmarks to achieve quality targets

Automate Day-To-Day Operations

  •   Report on realtime data
  •   Visualize engagement

Impact.  Did you meet your challenge targets?

  •   Objectively and quantitatively assess initiatives
  •   Globally view next steps
  •   Know what works and what doesn’t, and for whom and why