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Unlock the True Promise Of Wellbeing

Organizations in every industry category, size or complexity need the talent and skills of healthy, productive employees. Wellvation is transforming the wellbeing journey for employers, health systems and brokers. And to Wellvation, the wellbeing journey is as important as the results.

Not prescriptive or out-of-the-box solutions, Wellvation combines the science of evidence-based Mayo Clinic resources with the ManageWell™ AI technology platform. ManageWell™ continuously adapts wellbeing programming to increase personalization, automate execution, and accelerate impacts.

Industry leading technology, collaboration and flexibility are our competitive advantages.

Healthy change unlocks new opportunities and creates its own energy. Wellvation’s agility and adaptability leverages the transformation process to mobilize and motivate higher engagement levels.

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Execute Your Big Vision

Wellvation’s focus is to collaborate and strategically align powerful Mayo Clinic resources and Wellvation’s, process, tools and programs to help you realize your big vision. Using measurement and data to inform your evolution at every step. Articulated and strategic, from planning to execution to evaluation and analysis, Wellvation unlocks the true promise of wellbeing.

Our expertise meets the needs of diverse workforces: employee demographics; multi-location or decentralized leadership; collective bargaining units, traditional & non-traditional work sites.

A resilient, healthy workforce is an essential component of corporate financial sustainability.

  •    Reduce personal health risks and improve overall health
  •    Increase health equity throughout global workforce populations

Health Systems

The platform Health Systems choose to deliver their wellbeing programs – their way.

Wellvation designs and develops our wellbeing AI platform ManageWell, and all its industry-leading capabilities; to unlock new markets, enhance your wellbeing resources, increase workflow efficiency, and provide greater population health improvements.

The digital solution provides real-time, on-demand data and granular analytics to help practitioners identify, connect, and improve the health of participants. Care providers can use algorithms to enable early interventions and personalized care plans for high-risk participants.

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ManageWell data provides a clear path toward impact.

Increase utilization in your Wellbeing programs and create better solutions to meet population health evolving wellbeing needs. Connect the right participant with the right services based on your data.

  •    Full control of all the elements of a comprehensive wellness program
  •    Expand your Wellbeing market: employees, corporate clients, patients, community
  •    Wellness coaches/nurse navigator platform included for Wellbeing coaching and chronic care/disease management
  •    Drive new sources of revenue and create brand affinity
  •    Reduce administrative work and increase efficiency
  •    Close gaps in care


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Guide Clients With Confidence

Whether clients are looking for flexible wellbeing technology to do the heavy administration lift or to custom build programming for maximum impact, Wellvation delivers.  With Wellvation’s intelligent technology and Mayo Clinic collaboration, clients

  •    Resource employees with Mayo Clinic expertise & content
  •    Create an individualized plan for every employee
  •    Impact health perceptions & mindsets
  •    Target the biggest health care cost drivers
  •    Engage hard-to-reach populations
  •    Incentivize & track preventive care adherence
  •    Import carrier claims & other third-party data